Art and Science of Rust Pathology and Applied Plant Breeding

6.0 Breeding

Module Number 6.1
Wheat Breeding: More than Just Making Crosses

A discussion of the many practical aspects of an applied plant breeding program, including...

Instructor(s): Gordon Cisar
Module Number 6.2
Molecular Genetics and Rust Control, including marker assisted selection

Knowledge from Robert Park

Instructor(s): Robert Park
Module Number 6.3
Integration of Surveillance Data into Resistance Breeding

An overview of the critical need for surveillance to inform and enhance resistance breeding. The importance of communicating pathogn changes across regions and the value of using key races in germplasm screening programs.

Instructor(s): Dave Hodson
Module Number 6.4
Integration of Surveillance Data into Resistance Breeding:Examples from South Africa

In this presentation examples are given of how critical rust isolates are used in selection and breeding from South African standpoint.

Instructor(s): Zak Pretorius